Hi, it’s me ARYA SAJEEV K                                             


Hi, I’m a freelance digital marketing strategist from Calicut. I completed BA in economics from providence women’s college Calicut. I specialized in this stream from CDA from Calicut.

        I understood that pursuing knowledge has never-ending.  I am an SMM expert in SEO, SEM, E-Mail marketing, web development, and content marketing. 

             I strongly believe that throughout my work I can promote your businesses through various online marketing tricks. I can put my maximum effort into the digital industry stream. 



Do you know what is digital marketing

This is the promotion of brands to connect with specific people using the internet or people using other forms of online digital communication Platforms. It is not only dealing with email, social media, web sites. Text and multimedia are also distribution channels. An inbound marketing expert says that inbound marketing and digital marketing are almost the same, with a mirroring difference 

digital marketing
why digital marketing

Importance of the career?

 Nowadays most people are in a programmed world. This field helps the business to connect with the customers who are willing for the services or products of that agency. when the ideal customers are in google they are connected with the field through SEO & PPC, Also when the buyers are in social media and email as well as they are connected with the organization through SMM & E mail marketing.



Social media marketing is usually advertised through the social platform. Making online media a tool. This marketing tool plays a role between the audience and the company. It is also a powerful way of marketing the products to the relevant customers.


SEO means search engine optimization. It is a part of digital marketing. It helps in bringing the website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This will bring traffic to the webpage and makes it ranking the website. There are 2 type of SEO onpage SEO and offpage seo.


This is a form of web marketing that involves the promotion of a website by increasing the visibility of SERPs. There are two types - Organic or natural results, Paid results. It is also a highly effective way for increasing the ranking of the website on search engines. So this will create traffic on site.


This type is an important and powerful form of selling the goods& services. The tool used in this is an email. which helps in the promotion of the business. It is a direct marketing platform to share new products, sales,and also updating the customers about the business.


It is working to start an enterprise in a networked world (www) or a private internet platform. Design a web page for starting a business. This is very useful for a business that is working in a digital world. when a website is created it should be user-friendly and attractive so that the audience feels to stay.


This is also a business strategy. which is used to attract the customer by making creative content using videos, articles, podcasts, etc. This is very important in a website because content gives value to the website. Content is very important in SEO to rank the site.



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